Don't Give Up

I think with any challenge, there will come a time when you are unable to complete part of that challenge.  I've challenged myself to write 1200 words a day.  For fifteen days, I wrote at least 1,200 words each day.  On day sixteen, for various reasons, I was not able to write anything.

Does that mean that I will force myself to write 2400 words today?  No, I think that mentally would quickly cause someone to give up a challenge all together.

For me, most days I have written more than the 1,200 words.  After sixteen days, I should have theoretically been at 19,200.  Without writing anything yesterday, I was at 18,935.  I decided that would I catch up partially, in that I would like to reach or exceed the total of 20,400 word for today, which would keep me on track.

By not trying to force myself to write 2,400 words, I ended up writing 1,738 and developed my story further, with some key elements starting to come into focus.

If you don't reach you goal for the day, don't give up.  Keep writing.


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