Face Your Challanges

Today was day thirteen of my 1200 Word A Day A Challenge.  I wrote an additional 1,280 words.  I think the story is starting to come together.  A few more piece of the puzzle are being moved into place.

I find it interesting when the protagonist or hero isn’t looking for the adventure or quest, but rather it is thrust upon them to undertake the challenge set before them.  I like movies like Die Hard, for example.

In the first movie, John McClain was just a normal guy, who was an detective and was having martial issues.  He flies to California to see his wife.  He goes to her Christmas party and terrorists take over the building.  It’s really a brilliant setup for a story, which is probably why Die Hard has been copied so much the last few decades.

I should also mention, my story is not Die Hard on something, in something, or at something.


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