Have Fun Writing

So far today, I've written 1,507 words of my novel.  I really had fun today.  I wrote for a couple of short periods earlier in the day, and I just spent quite a while writing.  I think for the first time, since starting this project on July 1, 2018, I had fun.

It seemed so much easier to write today.  Oh course, it is Saturday which means that I have more free time and that hours of the day my brain wasn't consumed with things for work, which I'm sure helps as well.  However, it was more than those two things.

I got to a place in the story that I found really interesting, and it since it was interesting it was easier to write and it was more.  It included some interesting back story, a lot of dialogue, and a few interesting set pieces.

I guess that means I have expanded my three steps to four steps.
Challenge Yourself.
Have fun!


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