Music In My Novel

I mentioned yesterday, that the novel, that I am currently working on, takes place in the early 90s and that it has been fun making pop culture references.

One of the things, that I have done several times early in the story is have the characters listen to music, that was popular and influential at the time.

Today, part of what I wrote included a character driving around listening to Pearl Jam. It interesting how some the song lyrics match up little elements in my story. Whether its mentions something about driving or being in a small town.

Music was such a huge part of my life, during that era. In a lot of ways, I found meaning in the music, that I listened to. When I was a teenager, music was almost a religion to me. That is where I turned, if I were happy, sad, depressed, or whatever. I would go to a CD that in some way expressed my feelings, that maybe I was unable to express, with my own words.

As I grew up, I still loved music, but it was a less important part of my life and identify.  Some of my best friendships in college were started by talking about music. It almost seemed like a test, that they had to pass, for us to become friends.

Music has played a big part in my own story, and it is playing a big part in my novel.


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