The 1990s was a Different Time

The story is now over 11,000 words. I think that the mystery is starting to slowly reveal that it exists in this small town that I’m creating.

It has been a fun exercise, doing some version of world building. The story is taking place in the early 90s in a fictional town. It’s been interesting trying to determine family names, circles of friends and how the characters act and interact.

Creating something more foreign would be a different a process. However, trying to establish the reality of the era and the things the characters does reflect the times in many ways. In many ways, the early 1990s is foreign to us today.

Some of the entertainment options are similar, there are movies, TV Shows, video games, and books, but it was in many ways a different world. None of them have a multiple function computer device in their pockets, so they don’t have constant access to a camera, a phone, a calculator, or a video camera. They can’t send a text message or waste hours on end with games and social media.

I guess with nostalgia people look back and think that the past was better. In some ways, it may have been, but in many ways, we have grown so accustomed to modernity it would be very hard for us to go back to the way it was. that they waste hours on end with games and social media.


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