The Novel Writing Journey Begins

On July 1, 2018, I started writing again. It had been a while. I have started novels on several occasions, at this point, but I think it’s time to finish one.

I started a new story, and I wrote 1260 words that day. On July 2nd, I wrote an additional 1300 words. By July 3rd, I decided to challenge myself to write at least 1200 words every day. I have not set a specific time frame exactly. I would like to keep add at least this number of words every day to my novel for at least six weeks. On the third, I added an additional 1226 to my story.

On the fourth, I committed time to writing again, and I wrote 1215. Today is July the 5th, and earlier I added an additional 1259 words to my new and developing story.

I just watched a hour and a half webinar about blogging, and I decided to chronical my journey to trying to write a novel.

Welcome to the journey. I do not plan to post the portions of the story that I write each day. Eventually, I want to share my novel with the world. As I go forward, I will write about my process and my challenges. I think this could be fun, and I hope it will be encouraging and beneficial to you.


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