Will I Plan Next Time?

It is August.  For some the summer is over, I saw that in some areas school started a couple of days ago.  Where I live, August means that the tourist start drying up, and for a couple of weeks this month, not is not much going on here.  This is one of my favorite times in town.  I like less traffic.  I like peace and quiet.  Perhaps it will be easier to find a quiet spot at the coffee shop.

I will continue my novel this month.  I did not write quiet as much as I would have liked last month, but I am happy to report that I wrote 27,444 words.

The last days of the month were challenging for me to write for a couple of reasons.  One was spending hours at the car repair place on three separate occasions and spending way too much money on getting my car repaired.  I also got a new Huion Pad Tablet and have been spending some of my free time drawing with the new tech.  The third was most the most challenging, when it came to writing.

I was on page 61 of my single space word document, and I couldn't think of what was next.  This goes back to me not planning out or outlining my story.  I wasn't sure where to take the story, and I was having a hard time putting words on the screen.

I like finding the next step organically, having some inspiration of what will happen next, and figuring out some of the details along the way.  However, I see that this not the most efficient way for me to write.  In the future, I may plan ahead more, since it would keep the writing going.


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