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Father's Day Is Here

Growing up.  I was always glad that while Mother's Day happened while school was in session, and Father's Day did not.  I never wanted to talk about my dad.  When asked I would usually go with a lie.  I would say that my dad died before I was born, or something to that affect.  It wasn't even much later that I would actually tell people, that I never really knew my father.

The best representation that I have personally encountered in pop culture, was the Fresh Prince episode, which is now an internet meme.  His dad was a truck driver, which hit home with me.  His dad had abandoned him, as a young kid.  The one major difference, in the show, his father showed back up briefly which gave Will hope that they would become like an actual father and son.  If you're familiar with the episode, it ends with Will crying asking Uncle Phil what his dad didn't want him.

I found the last few minutes of the episode on YouTube.  Here's a clip, if you want to see what I'm ta…

Writing Because I'm a Writer

As you may have noticed, this blog is called "Writing With Jimmy." I am a writer, because I write. I am a blogger, because I blog. Those two things do not define me as a human being. Each of us is multifaceted. We all have varied backgrounds, experiences, interests, knowledge, expertise, beliefs, etc. What do you choose to define who you are?

In college, it seems that the get to know you question is "what's your major?" I had many majors in college. I would really have to stop and think for a while, to determine how many. I had two problems in choosing a major. I was able to do many things, so I had a hard time narrowing my focus. I also felt like I needed to find what vocation, that I felt called to do.

At first, I was an engineering major, I was good and math, and I knew that money could be made there. I quickly realized that I disliked complicated higher-level math courses more than I liked the idea of one day getting the big salary as an enginee…